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Fascinating Facts

Interesting Facts about Nishikigoi

  • The Guinness Book of Records have the Nishikigoi as the most expensive fish ever sold.
  • The most expensive Nishikigoi ever sold was the Sakai Bred 'Alexandria' for $2.2 million US dollars.
  • The oldest Koi on record is said to be 'Hanako' having reached the age of 226 ; 1751-1977 // Confirmed through scientific testing in 1966
  • Two of his fellow pond dwellers were 180 and 156 years old. It was merely out of curiosity and not with significant expectation that their ages were tested.
  • The pond passed through so many generations that the owners of the pond could not recall their original ancestors who started it.
  • Japanese Legend- Any Koi who has the strength and perseverance to complete the journey to the Dragon's Gate will become a Heavenly Dragon.
  • The Koi is likened to the Sumurai as it is said that if a koi is caught, it would await the cut of the knife without a quiver.


Everything About Koi


Nishikigoi or "Koi" as they are more commonly known are a popular ornamental variety of the Common Carp (Cyprinus carpic) that are bred and kept for decorative purposes in ponds and aquariums all over the world. Koi has developed into one of the most beautiful and expensive ornamental fishes in the world, with virtually endless colour possibilities, it is remarkable to think that the elaborate specimens we see today developed from the lowly Common Carp, which was originally kept as a food fish.

Useful Guidelines For Beginners


Koi keeping is an ongoing and sometimes life-long hobby, and can prove to be quite a pleasurable and rewarding experience that you and your entire family can enjoy. However, there is a lot of information out there about Koi keeping, and for newcomers the notion of getting started can be a bit1 confusing. Not sure where to start? Here are a few guidelines to assist you in getting started, as well as a few tips and tricks for keeping healthy, happy Koi that will bring you and your family years of enjoyment.

Keep Your Koi Healthy


Koi are no different to humans when it comes to illness and diseases. Although Koi are generally tough and hardy creatures, they too are susceptible to illness if the ideal conditions are not maintained. These are some guidelines on how to recognize the symptoms and how to go about diagnosing and treating your fish.

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